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16 August 1986
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I'm Ben, i'm 21 and I am originally from Tuross Head but am living in Wollongong studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication Studies, Majoring in Journalism. I would love to write for a surfing magazine someday, but anything where I am able to be created I would enjoy. Seeing a bit of the world is a big aim of mine in the next couple of years. I love to be happy and enjoy a lot of things. I live with 4 great mates who keep me on my toes and feelin fit and great. I love my mum, she is great and I am definitly a Mummy's boy. My dad is also great and the way I interact with people and situations is based heavily around his influence.
going surfing, hanging out, listen to music, playing ps2, playing soccer, writing when i'm interested., zog on the computer